Bruces Jones
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Bruce shaping surfboards in Huntington Beach, 1967
photo: John Kuramoto

   Bruce Bruce Jones Surfboards has built premium surfboards for three decades. The company, renowned worldwide for its products, was founded by Bruce in 1973 after he shaped surfboards for many years with some of the biggest surfing names in the sport: Hobie, Gordie, and Brewer to name a few.

   Bruce was there at Hobie's, during the golden age of the mid 1960's, when the best shaping talent in surfing history was gathered in one place: Phil Edwards, Dale Velzy, Terry Martin, John Gray and Ralph Parker, among others. Starting in the glueing department, Bruce worked his way into rough shaping, then into the actual shaping room and lost no time in getting help from everyone involved in shaping surfboards.

   In the mid to late 60's, Bruce moved to Huntington Beach, California where he shaped for Vardeman Surfboards, doing all the Jackie Baxter Models, which to this day are considered rare collector's items, being the first board on the west coast to combine the low tail rails of the Hawaiian Gun (for speed), with a refined longboard outline and eventually a turned down, flat-bottom nose for superb nose riding (influenced by the famous Morey/Pope John Peck Penetrator model).

   At night, Bruce would shape surfboards for Gordie Surfboards. Gordie (Gordon Duane) had a reputation for being a superb craftsman but very hard to get along with. Bruce put up with him and learned some of Gordie's shaping techniques and most of all his dedication to perfection through using these techniques. Bruce did a short stint with Dick Brewer in '69, ghost shaping surfboards for him on Maui. He then went on to shape for Russell Surfboards, Newport Beach, and then Ole Surfboards in Sunset Beach, Califoria from where he launched his own business.

   The business is at the former site of Ole Surfboards, and has been in continuous use as a surf shop since 1965. A tradition of fine craftsmanship has been carried on, and Bruce Jones Surfboards is proud to offer some of the finest surfboards available today! We run our own manufacturing facility a few miles away in Costa Mesa, CA, very near the Quicksilver and Billabong headquarters. By keeping all work in house, a close watch on all the boards as they go through each step of construction is maintained. All are shaped by Bruce himself, and all the rough and finish fiber glassing is done by a group of craftsmen that have been working together for 20 years. Bruce Jones stresses performance with durability and refuses to make products like so many others on the market today - virtual throw-aways after only a year of use!

   By using very close-tolerance US Blanks Foam Blanks, Bruce is able to stay on the harder, outside shell of the blank, optimal because polyurethane foam tends to get softer as the center of the core is reached. The Blanks are also 'cured', that is, allowed to harden up before they are shaped. The end result is a shaped blank that will support a specific glass job very well without caving in and delaminating. These blanks can also 'double stringered,' which adds tensile strength and helps avoid much of the breakage problem so prevalent in other surfboards.

Bruce, sitting behind the wheel of Leo Hetzels Plymoth, 1965, Ke Iki Road, North Shore, Oahu!
photo: Le
o Hetzel

   Bruce Jones' graphic artist Ryan Martz is one of the best colormen in the business today, and is well known for his striking yet classic color designs. He is able to reproduce almost any drawing submitted with a customer's order. Greg Martz, Ryan's father,is head glasser/owner of Waterman's Guild, and is well known in the area as the best laminator in Southern California, producing incredible lamination colors!

   Bruce shapes shortboard, hybrid and longboard shapes, doing every conceivable dimension of width and thickness from 6'0' to 12'0'. We generally keep a stable of rental/demos at our shop to give surfers an opportunity to 'size' themselves and perhaps try a shape they'll find quite different from what they've become accustomed to. The riding characteristics of our boards have been described as "mindless"; that is, they seem to do whatever the rider has in his mind. One does not have to learn how to ride them - they just surf!

   We generally stock at least 200 new boards at a time, and invite you to stop by and take a look at the beauty and form of what we offer to the surfing public (our complete surfboard inventory is available to view on this Web site). Feel free to call and discuss your particular needs with our salespeople at any time or leave a message for Bruce. We also stock a complete inventory of accessories for your surfing needs, including O'Neill Wetsuits and Boardshorts ,and Bruce Jones clothing, leashes, car racks, etc. We do phone order/web order business and take every major credit card and have shipped boards and accessories worldwide, continuing to expand our phone/web order business. Our boards are also available in shops throughout California, and Japan.

The combination of fine shaping, a beautiful color design and a very precise fiberglass and finish coat has created a product that stands out above all others!