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We offfer surfboard in two manufacturing menthods: Custom Polyurathane/Polyester or Custom EPS/Epoxy, . Custom boards are hand shaped, hand colored, and hand fiberglassed surfboards, made in Orange County, California, produced using US Blanks polyurethane surfboard blank, or White Hot Styrofoam (EPS). They are not molded products or cheap imports!. Fins are included with each board, if it has removable fins. Otherwise, they are permanent, glassed on fins. Pricing is for boards picked up at our shop in Sunset Beach, California. We can ship boards anywhere in the world! There are packing fees to pack them correctly for shipping. Boards up to 7' 0" ship Fed Ex Ground for $75 to $130 depending on the destination and size. Longer boards ship via truck freight. Freight to a business in a major city within the 48 States is $125.00. To a residence add $10.00. We can quote freight rates to outlying areas. Shipping charges per board go down with more boards are in a single box! Any board that is not marked SOLD can be shipped within 24 hours! We can also re-make any board on this list that is sold, and have it ready to ship within four to six weeks! Please read our Warranty and Policy Statement. Due to high gas prices, we are also offering Free! personal delivery on all surfboards within a 20 mile radius of the shop!

Modern Longboard Spec Sheet

Hybrid Spec Sheet

Retro Noserider Spec Sheet


A retro design from the early '70's, very wide tail for early planning in small waves, flat deck and full rails for volume and buoyancy, very fast, won't stall in the flat spots, ideal for everyday small surf! They are available in different fin configurations: the Future Fish Fin set (left), the Future Keel Fish Fin set (right), or glassed on in any configuration.

Future Fish Fin Set


Future Keel Fin Set